Data License Agreement Contract

Finally, depending on the taker`s business model, it may be important to anticipate that the data granted can be retrieved and used by the regulatory authorities or customers of the taker and its related companies. Of course, it is also important to give associated companies, third-party contractors (and their subcontractors) and customers any license restrictions for the use of this data. Companies often claim that data is one of their most valuable assets, but they rarely treat it as such. Mayer Brown Partner Dan Masur discusses the Big Data Paradox and describes in this article a number of compliance issues when data is obtained from an external source. By exercising the licence fee (defined below), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this limited distribution licensing agreement. To the extent that this Agreement can be construed as a contract, you will receive the licence fee because of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the terms of access to the oneTRANSPORT platform, and the licensee will grant you these rights in return for the benefits that the licensee receives from the supply of licensed equipment under these conditions. The party licensing the data, whether it is a provider or a customer, should ensure that the agreement applies specifically to its data ownership or other data rights by: tracking the origin of the data and the restrictions associated with it is new for many companies and, like many new domains, a company must develop policies and procedures. When a company grants data licenses by a third party, there are important considerations that can lead to better data licenses if processed correctly. The important issues that need to be addressed when collecting data by third parties are discussed below. This end-user data licensing agreement (“data licensing agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (the end user or “you”) and Trillium Software, Inc. including their affiliates and subsidiaries (“solution provider” or “we”/”we”). The terms and conditions of this data licensing agreement are intended for the use of third-party postal directory data, including, but not limited to all related attributes or codes (the “data”) that may be provided to you by the solutions provider for use exclusively with the solutions provider`s Trillium Software system® product suite (the “solution”) granted to you under the terms of the solutions provider`s licensing agreement.

In some cases, the data is granted for specific purposes and only for that purpose. In the case of a bank, a client may, for example, provide data for the purpose of opening and maintaining an account, obtaining a mortgage or other loan, participating in a business transaction, facilitating the conclusion of necessary “Know Your Customer” audits, etc. However, in many cases, the data is transmitted to other databases where it is used without their knowledge for new or other purposes. It is therefore important that the taker strive to include in the data license all possible purposes for which the data can be used, including, where possible, future uses (which, in this example, could be a customer agreement).