Girlfriend Not On Lease Agreement

The idea that the owners are not enforcing this clause is false. It is a clause that is most enforced. If Bob is a good tenant and his girlfriend stays on weekends, most homeowners won`t get heartburn. But getting them moving is another matter! Even though I love Bob and his girlfriend, the owners will take the moving girlfriend seriously. What for? Because it is a breach of trust and a breach of contract. A: This is an extremely complex issue that concerns both leasing and family law issues. Your client should talk to someone who knows family law to find out their rights and duties regarding their children and girlfriend. With respect to the landlord and tenant`s issues, there are a number of things to consider. If they were good tenants, I would just make sure there is nothing crazy about their background check, add them to the rental agreement or list them and the kids as licensed residents, and then call it one day. Many rental contracts have a clause that limits the stay of guests.

It`s perfectly legal. The aim is to limit access to rental units to unlicensed persons. Landlords must perform reasonable and comprehensive background reviews to ensure a quality environment that includes cleanliness, limits crime, reduces damage, ensures payment, reduces tenant-to-tenant business, reduces tenant-to-landlord problems, reduces turnover, etc. The list is longer, of course. Your challenge is that your friend may actually have established rental rights by living in your home for a longer period of time, according to Joe Veenstra, who focuses on landlord-tenant right. If someone without a lease stays in your property with your permission, they become “tenants as they see fit” and you will own them. A tenant does not have a contract as he or she pleases (or necessarily pays rent) and generally does not have a deadline. It may be an oral agreement that was simply established as a conversation in which one person says to another, “Why not stay here?” @Mike Davis had a similar situation where I asked additional tenants to apply to me. While they were large tenants, they did not respond to my requests, so I gave them 30 days` notice. It got them attention, and I was able to get all the inmates for a new lease.

I recently signed a new lease and moved to my new place. The place where I moved is a unit in an apartment complex. The resort manager told me that I could not have guests more than 14 days a month and that I could not live with people whose names are not in the rental agreement. The manager pointed out that she could not live here with me because my friend`s name is not in the rental agreement (and I can`t include her in the lease for some reasons), but it doesn`t matter if she wants to sleep. Your friend and son are considered tenants, because it is very likely that your friend might show some consideration, no matter how small, for rents paid over the three-month period. But let`s say for example that absolutely no form of rent was ever paid by your friend and that was in the first month of your stay. In this case, an Arizona court could call your girlfriend and son a licensee in the house. This licensed status would give them fewer rights to stay in the house than a tenant with a tacit monthly rental agreement, which still requires a 30-day termination and must be subject to formal eviction proceedings in Arizona. If you have any questions regarding formal evacuation procedures in Arizona, please contact combs Law Group, P.C.

(602) 957-9810 or for more information. Adding another important customer to leasing with them is usually the easiest and fastest way to resolve this type of situation.