Blog: Sigma 105mm, Raynox DCR250, Microscope objective

There are numerous possibilities of objectives you can use in macro/extreme macro photography. Here is an overview of some of the options that I like to use.

All pictures below are stacked. The focus stacking will be explained in another blog.

Most people that practice macro have a macro objective. In my case it is the Sigma 105mm 2.8.
With the macro objective you can get pictures of a ratio of 1:1.

Here are 2 photo’s that are made with this objective.

Another much used objective is the Raynox DCR250. This objective can be mounted on top of your objective.
The magnification depends on the focal length on which you mount the objective. The bigger the focal length, the bigger the magnification.

Here a photo that is made with this objective.

In extreme macro microscope objectives are used a lot. There are many possibillties with microscope objectives. You have ‘Infinite’ and ‘Finite’ microscope objectives.
The biggest difference is that with ‘Infinite’ microscope objectives you must have another objective in front of it. With ‘Finite’ microscope objectives you use a bellow or extension tubes between the microscope objective and the camera.
I like to use ‘Infinte’ microscope objectives, one with a magnification of 4 times and one with a magnification of 10 times.

Here are 2 photo’s that are made with this 4X microscope objective.

Here are 2 photo’s that are made with this 10X microscope objective.